Tools and policies for linguistic diversity

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SC Manifesto

- We believe that cultural diversity is a value and that it must be preserved.

- We believe that an effective strategy for the defence of traditional, minority and indigenous cultures is their modernization, which allows saving their specificity.

- We believe that folklorism and the laudatio temporis acti, such as projects that only aim at the recovery of some aspects of traditional cultures (without providing them with modern tools at the same time) are real enemies – although involuntarily - of these cultures.

- We believe that every serious program of cultural defence must start from language protection and that modernization must pass through a written – and possibly coherent and shared – form.


- We believe that digital technologies can largely contribute to the process of linguistic modernization and to the promotion and spread among youngest generations.

- We believe that, from a technological point of view, it is necessary to establish a high level of standardization in the creation and save of texts and databases. This is meant to assure a “long electronic life” to linguistic resources and to allow a real and easy exchange of information, resources and technologies.

- We believe that knowledge must have the widest diffusion and that in no cases the access to the human cultural heritage must be hampered. This is especially true for linguistic resources, being languages the most distinctive characteristic of human beings.